CAS NUMBER: 9082-00-2

Polymer Polyol are derived from polymerizing propylene oxide with styrene or vinyl acetate monomer. Together with di-isocyanates and polyether polyols, they provide various hardness in polyurethanes (PU), which are used to enhance performance for number of applications such for flexible foams such as packaging foam and shock-absorbing crash-pads.

Aik Moh Group carries this product from GC Polyols, PTT Group under the tradename GENIX FS-7301. GENIX polyether polyols are available in a wide range of molecular weights. It meets the application and processing needs of flexible foam, moulded foam, rigid foam, and non-foam Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer (CASE) manufacturers.

Polyols can also be used in non-urethane applications such as surfactants and oil demulsifiers.


  • Generally used in the production of slab-stock flexible polyurethane foams.
  • Ability to produce wide range of hardness when mixed in different proportions with other polyether polyols.

Packaging: Drum

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