CAS NUMBER: 71-23-8

SYNONYMS: Propyl alcohol, 1-Propanol, Propan-1-ol

Normal propanol is a three-carbon straight chain oxo alcohol with a molecular formula of CH3(CH2)2OH. It is a medium-boiling, colourless, transparent liquid that has a typical sharp musty odour that is comparable with the smell of rubbing alcohol.

This product is miscible with all common solvents, such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, glycols and aromatic/aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is also miscible in all proportions with water.



  • antiseptics applications
  • pharmaceutical preparations
  • drug synthesis
  • cosmetic preparations
  • flexographic inks
  • As a raw material to produce normal propyl amines, normal propyl paraben, di-normal propyl phthalate and normal propyl acetate.

Packaging: Bulk, Drum

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