Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether (DPM)


CAS NUMBER: 112-34-5

  • A hydrophilic glycol ether with a moderate evaporation rate and excellent coupling abilities.
  • DPM glycol ether is a mid-to slow evaporating solvent. This hydrophilic solvent has 100% water
    solubility and is ideally suited as a coupling agent in a wide range of solvent systems. DPM glycol ether has a higher flash point (about 75°C) making it easier to handle, store, and ship.


  • Water-based Coatings
  • Solvent-based Coatings
  • household and industrial cleaners, grease and paint removers, metal
    cleaners, and hard surface cleaners.
  • Dyeing Fabrics
  • Personal Care & Fragrance
  • Agro-chemicals herbicide
  • Printing Chemicals and Inks
  • Oilfield Chemicals
  • Floor polishes and finishes

Packaging: Drum

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